Why don't I see any blocked sites when I login to the Parent Portal?


The Parent Portal helps you keep a track of your child’s online activity both in school and at home. Depending upon school policies, parents may also be able to manage their child’s access levels and other settings for at-home browsing.

In accordance with CIPA requirements and to keep students safe from harmful adult content and other malicious websites, a wide range of websites are blocked by the school. A list of these blocked sites is maintained in the Securly database, and activity and content filtered accordingly. Other than that, Securly constantly adds new websites to its database to ensure comprehensive coverage for your child and currently filters over a million websites.

As a parent, you may not see this list of the blocked/denied sites when you log in to the Parent Portal. You would be able to add sites to the Deny list if your school IT admin has chosen to provide you that functionality. If you are concerned about your child accessing any specific website, we recommend that you add it to the Deny list so that it is blocked for your child. (Note: If you are unable to do so, please contact your school IT admin for details.)

Please note that if a site is not specifically listed in either the Allow or Deny lists, it is filtered as per the filtering policy configured by the school or you if that website is present in the Securly database.


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