How can parents manage their child’s filtering rules?


If your school has signed up for Securly’s Parent Portal you would already be receiving regular email reports about your child’s online activity. With this facility, you can also manage the policy that governs your child’s off-site internet activity if your school IT admin has assigned it to you.

Depending upon your school’s policies, the school IT admin would grant you either read or edit access to various rules that help us filter your child’s online activity and keep him safe from harmful/adult content and malicious websites, and reduce time sinks due to gaming and social media. The policy that you so determine for your child will be applicable to him/her when browsing the internet off-site, including at home, cafes, public libraries, etc.

1. Log in to your Parent Portal UI and navigate to the ‘Rules’ tab. (You can also use the SecurlyHome app instead. Click here to know how.)
2. The first time you access parent settings it is necessary that you take control of the settings by clicking ‘Manage my settings’.
3. The settings are divided into the following groups:
    a) Search and Video: This includes the following options -
        i)Safe Google, Bing, Yahoo Search: Turing this on will display only filtered safe search results to the child when he uses any of these search engines.
        ii)YouTube Safety Mode: Turning this on will ensure that you cannot see harmful videos on YouTube. He will be displayed only safe videos.
        iii)Safe Google, Bing, Yahoo Image Search: Turning this on will display only filtered images to the child when he searches for any images on these search engines.
        iv)URL/Keyword Scanning: Turning this on will allow Securly to scan websites for harmful keywords, irrespective of whether they are in the Block list, and filter content appropriately.
   b) Filter Categories: This includes categories such as pornography, gambling, drugs, social media, etc. that are used as a basis to filter all content accessed by the child whether in school or at home. These categories help your school comply with CIPA rules and recommendations.
4. As a parent, you can either ‘Allow’ or ‘Block’ any of the distinct options listed under the settings and categories mentioned above.
5. Any categories or settings that cannot be edited would appear grayed out to you. Note that if the school IT admin has chosen not to enable the parent settings functionality, you would not see any categories or settings. 
6. You can also add websites to the ‘block list’ or ‘allow list’ as per your requirements. The ‘block list’ created by you would take precedence over the ‘allow list’ created by the school for all off-site browsing. 


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