How do I set up rules in the SecurlyHome app?


The SecurlyHome App allows you to set up your own rules for your kid’s school devices. However, it is important to note that your ability to customize policy depends upon the level of access provided by your school. To learn more about the different types of access levels that schools can provide parents, click here.  

To manage your kid’s filtering policy:

  1. Go to your SecurlyHome App and navigate to ‘Rules’.
  2. Select the device for which you want to define policy.
  3. Set the policy parameters as per your requirements. It is recommended that you do not unblock categories such as pornography, drugs, gambling etc.


If you want to filter your kid’s online activity for any other devices they access, you would need to connect them to the Hub by Securly. The SecurlyHome App will allow you to set a unique policy for devices connected to the Hub. To learn more click here.  

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