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How do I sign in to my Securly Home app?

If your child attends a school that uses Securly:

Tap the “Login” button and log in using your SecurlyHome credentials (this is also known as the “Parent Portal” login).

Note: If you do not have a password or don’t remember your password, use the “Get instant access” option. This will send you an email with a login link, simply tap the link in the email and you will automatically be logged in to the app.  

If you bought the Hub and will be using it for home use:

If your child does not attend a school that uses SecurlyHome, simply tap the “Bought the Hub? Create an account” link to create an account and login.

Note: This option will only work if you have purchased a Hub.

If your child attends a school that uses Securly and you bought the Hub for your home: The email you used to order the Hub will need to be the same email as your parent email address registered with the school.  If this is not the case, please put in a case with support so that we can match them.

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How do I change my payment information?

Please put in a ticket with support and they will provide you a link to your account so that you can update your payment information.

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How do I cancel my account?

Please put in a ticket with support and we can assist you with your account cancellation.

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When is the “Schedules” feature coming out?

The 'Offline Schedules' feature is now available for everyone on the Securly Home app.  

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Please check the following:

  1. Make sure you have the device under the “Filtered devices list”.
  2. If on the “Filtered devices list”, make sure to delete the cookies and cached data on your device's browser.

How do I switch plans?

Please put in a ticket with support and we can assist you with switching your service plan.

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In what countries are you offering your service?

We currently only offer our service in the United States.   We have plans to expand next year to other countries but for now just the U.S.A.

Why do I need to fill in my child’s birth date while creating a profile?

We need you to let us know the month and year your child was born to help us default the filtering rules for her profile. We customize the default filtering rules based on your child’s age. You can always go to the Rules tab and modify the rules as per your requirements. Click here to learn how to modify. Note that profiles are available only for Hub users. 

How do I add devices to my Hub’s 'Filtered Devices' list in the SecurlyHome app?

To add devices to the Filtered Devices list:

  1. Log in to your SecurlyHome app.
  2. Tap the “Manage Devices” tile.
  3. Tap the “…” next to any device in the “Unfiltered Devices” list and select “Filter Device”. Any device you add will now be in your “Filtered Devices

Can I add a school device to my child's Hub profile?

Yes. You can add your child’s school device to their Hub profile. However, it will be filtered as per the take-home policy or off-site policy determined by the school. The Hub rules will not apply to the school-owned devices. You will be able to pause the internet for the school-owned device only if the school has signed up for that functionality. 

What is the Shared Device profile?

The Shared Device profile allows you to group together devices in your house that are shared by multiple people. This could include shared iPads, desktops, smart TVs, etc. You can add any devices from the device list (except a school-owned device) to this profile. They will be assigned default filtering rules that can be edited as required. Note that you cannot delete the Shared Device profile.

How are filtering rules applied when I create a new profile for my child?

Whenever you create a new profile for your child, you will be asked to configure filtering rules for that profile before adding any devices to it. Depending upon the birth month and year you enter when creating the profile, age-appropriate default Rules are applied. You can modify these rules at any time as required. 

What is a Guest Profile?

The Guest Profile is provided to help you filter any external or new devices that connect to your network that you do not wish to leave unfiltered. For example, if your child’s friends come over and connect to your network, you can add them to the Guest Profile and ensure that they are also being filtered. Devices added to the Guest Profile will continue to be filtered every time they connect to your network unless you choose to remove them from it. They will be applied to a default set of rules that can be edited at any time. Note that you cannot add school-owned devices to this profile or delete the Guest Profile.

Why do filtered devices get a “Connection not private” error?

Sometimes when the Hub blocks websites that are encrypted (denoted by “https” in the website URL) the web browser will display a message that reads “Your connection is not private” rather than show the standard Securly block page.

Do not worry as the end result is the same, your child will be unable to access the site.

Please note that the wording in the “Connection not private” message might be different based on the browser (i.e. “Not using a secure connection”, etc.).

Why do I get an "Email not found" error when trying to log into the Securly Home app?

You will get an “Email not found” error when logging into your Hub by Securly portal if:

  1. The email ID you provided is different from the email ID provided by your school.
  2. You have not yet signed up for the parent portal via the weekly activity report.

To resolve the error:

  1. Use the email ID where you receive your kid’s weekly activity report and try again.
  2. Navigate to your kid’s weekly activity report and click ‘Go to my Parent Portal’ to sign up.

Where can I ask a question that is not answered in this FAQ?

Contact Support through our support channel.

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