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My Hub won’t activate – I get a red light. What do I do?

Please put in a ticket with support and provide the information below (please copy and paste questions into ticket as well):

Contact Support

  • Who is your Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
  • Do you use the ISP modem/router? (make/model)
  • If not, what is the make/model of the modem and router?
  • Do you use Parental Controls or OpenDNS on the router?
  • Please briefly describe your network setup and where your hub is connected.

My device at home is not filtering properly. What can I do?

Things to check for:

  • Please be sure that this device is on the “Filtered devices” list on your app.
  • Make sure the Hub is online and with green lights.
  • If the above is checked, please test if your device is being filtered properly by going to this test website: 

If you get a blocked page then it's working as it should.  If you get a spaceman floating around the page - there is a problem.  At this point please put in a ticket with support below so that we can troubleshoot with you. 

Contact Support

How do I upgrade my Hub to the latest version?

Whenever an update to the Hub firmware is available it will be pushed to your Hub automatically by Securly.

How do I verify if my device is being filtered by the Hub?

To verify if filtering is working for the device browse '' from the device you want to filter. The website should appear blocked. This means that filtering is working as expected. 

Note: the test website is a Securely owned domain used only for Hub verification purposes and does not contain any harmful content.

To learn how to add devices to a profile, click here 

Will a new device be filtered automatically if it connects to the Hub?

No. Whenever a device is detected by the Hub you would be sent a push notification requesting permission to filter that device. If you want to filter the device you would need to go to ‘Manage Devices’ in your SecurlyHome app and add the new device to the selected profile.

How do I block/unblock individual websites for a specific profile?

The Hub allows you to easily block or unblock specific websites. To add websites to your “Allow” or “Block” lists:

  1. Log in to the SecurlyHome app and navigate to the profile you want to update Rules for. 
  2. Tap the “Rules” tile and select the “Sites” tab.
  3. Now add the websites of your choosing to the “Allowed” or “Blocked” lists.

You can also go to the 'Rules' tab from the homepage and select the profile you want by tapping the arrow at the top of the page. 

How do I cancel my Hub service?

We are sorry to hear you want to cancel your subscription. Please submit a ticket through our Support Channel.

On support form please select Category: Account Maintenance > Cancel Service.

A support representative will get in touch with you to walk you through the next steps. 

Note: You may continue to use the SecurlyHome app, except for the Hub features, if your child's school has signed up for Securly's parent portal.   

Where can I ask a question that is not answered in this FAQ?

Contact Support through our support channel.

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