How do I add more devices to my child’s profile?


To add new devices to your child’s profile navigate to their profile by tapping the "Child Profiles" tile on the homepage.


You can also tap the down arrow next to ‘All Profiles’ at the top of the screen and select the profile you want to add devices to. 


Select Devices > Add more devices to view a list of unfiltered devices connected to the Hub. You can select any device from the list and add it to the profile. Note that you cannot reassign devices from one profile to another here. To do that you would need to go to the Manage Devices tile. 

childprofile19.jpg  childprofile20.jpg

If you have any school-owned devices that are not assigned to a child profile, they will also be displayed to you under the Rules tab. Simply tap the "Assign" button to assign the device to a profile. Note that a child profile can have only one school-owned device at any given time. 


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