How do I pause internet for my child's profile? 


 There are multiple ways to pause the internet for one or all of your child’s devices from their profile. 

  1. Tap the pause button on your home screen and select one or more profiles to pause. childprofile13.jpg  childprofile14.jpg
  2. Select the profile you want to pause internet for from the "All Profiles" option on the home screen. Once inside the profile page, tap the pause button to pause all one or more devices for that profile. childprofile15.jpg
  3. You can also go to the Child’s Profile > Devices and clicking the More (...) icon next to the device you want to pause.                                                            childprofile21.jpg
  4. Inside Manage Devices select the device you want to pause from the devices list by clicking the More(...) icon and selecting ‘Pause Device.’                       childprofile28.jpg

Note that school devices can be paused only if your child’s school has opted for the pause feature. 

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