How do I edit my child’s profile?


You can make changes to your child’s profile and edit personal information, add/delete devices, modify filtering rules, or delete the profile completely. 

  1. To do this, navigate to the "Child Profiles" tile on your homepage. childprofile13.jpg
  2. Select the profile you want to edit. 
  3. To edit the personal information for the profile tap the first option and make the necessary changes. You can change the name, photograph, as well as birth month and year. childprofile19.jpg
  4. To edit the filtering rules and add/remove sites to be blocked or allowed, go to the Rules option. 
  5. To add more devices to the profile, tap the Devices option. You can also 
  6. You can also delete the profile by clicking the "Delete this profile" option. Deleting a profile will move all devices in the profile to the Unfiltered Devices list. Note that it is not possible to retrieve a profile once it is deleted, you would need to create a new profile from scratch. 
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