How do I resolve problems with activating my Hub?


You may sometimes face problems activating your Hub because of certain hardware issues, server issues or even factors external to Securly such as your router configurations.

To resolve activation problems you could:

    1. Check the status of your WAN, Cloud, and Power lights to determine the nature of the connectivity issue. Check out this KB to learn how to resolve connectivity issues.
    2. Check if you are using the same email ID that you used while purchasing your Hub, or the one that you use to log into the SecurlyHome app.
    3. Check if the Hub is already registered using a different email ID. You would get an error during the pairing stage of the Hub activation process. Note that the Hub and email ID are mapped 1:1 and cannot be used to activate a second Hub. 
    4. Check if protected browsing is turned on for your Comcast Xfinity router. Protected browsing is found to interfere with seamless activation of the Hub. Here is how you can turn it off.

You should now be able to activate your Hub. If the problem persists, please contact Support at 

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