Why is filtering not working properly?


Once your devices are connected to the Hub, know you're safe with filtering that comes out of the box. We've set the default based on what thousands of Securly schools use with millions of students. However, all families are different. So, please remember you can set the filters to be whatever works best in your home. Configure your own Rules as soon as you like - and anytime thereafter as your family needs change.

However, if you encounter problems with filtering it could be because of one of the following reasons:

  1. Your browser is displaying a cached version of the website. Please clear the cache and try again.
  2. If you have recently modified the Rules, please wait a couple of minutes to check if filtering works. Rules might take a few minutes to apply. You could also try refreshing the page as your current view could be the cached version of the website.
  3. Check your Rules and if they would filter as you intend them to. Then check if the website you are attempting to access belongs to the right category. 
  4. Make sure you are accessing the website on a device in your Filtered Devices list. If the device is not in there, click here to learn how to add devices to the Filtered Devices list.
  5. If you have turned on the data saver mode on your device it may interfere with filtering at times. Check your device settings and disable data saver mode. Filtering should work as expected.
  6. If you are using any other parental control devices/solutions with your network in addition to the Hub they could interfere with the working of the Hub. Please disable the other devices/solutions and check if filtering works as expected.
  7. The firewall settings on your router could also interfere with filtering. Visit the admin control of your router (or contact your service provider) and disable the firewall settings on your router. Rest assured that you are completely protected with the Hub and do not require any other firewall settings or parental control devices for complete internet security.
  8. If you have a router that uses IPv6 then that might interfere with the working of the Hub at times. Please contact your service provider to change to IPv4.
  9. Sometimes filtering might not work intermittently as sites tend to leak. You could try connecting to the Hub hotspot and check if filtering works as expected.

If you still face problems with filtering, please submit a ticket for assistance.

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