Why is my webpage not loading completely?


If you are connected to the Hub and your webpage is not loading completely, it could be because of one of these reasons:

  1. The content of the part of the webpage that is not loading belongs to one of the blocked categories or sites. For example, if a webpage includes a YouTube video and YouTube is blocked by your Hub rules, then the page will not load completely as it attempts to block the YouTube video. Note that in such a situation the user log will list the YouTube as an activity for that user.
  2. If you have recently changed the rules then it may take a few minutes for them to reflect, causing the website to load incorrectly.
  3. The browser cache may have saved information from before the site you are attempting to access was unblocked. Clear your cache and try loading the page again.
  4. You have some issues with your internet connection.

If the problem persists even after checking for the above conditions, please contact our Support team at homesupport@securly.com 

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