I have Wifi extenders at my house. Will this interfere with Hub filtering?


Sometimes you may need a Wifi extender or booster in your house to extend your router’s Wifi range. In most cases, the Wifi extender would not interfere with the Hub’s filtering capabilities.

The only time you might encounter a problem is if your Wifi extender is configured to create a new network. In that case, you might not see all the devices in your device list. This is because the Hub is connected to your primary Wifi network and will display devices connected only to that network. If a device connects to the second network, it will bypass the Hub.

To avoid this scenario check your Wifi extender’s configurations and set it up to not create a new network. If you find that some devices are not displayed in your devices list, connect them to your primary network.

If you continue to face problems even after these precautions, contact our Support team at homesupport@securly.com 

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