Can the Hub block apps on my child’s phone or tablet?


The Hub can block certain apps that use an active internet connection. Please note that some of the apps listed below have an “offline mode” which allows them to function without an internet connection. Please note that the Hub cannot block apps in “offline mode”.

The Hub can block the following apps:

  • Periscope (Category: Streaming Media)
  • Netflix (Category: Streaming Media)
  • HBO Now/HBO Go (Category: Streaming Media)
  • Pinterest (Category: Social Media)
  • Reddit (Category: Social Networking)
  • Snapchat (Category: Social Networking)
  • Instagram (Category: Social Networking)
  • Disney (Category: Streaming Media)
  • Hulu (Category: Streaming Media)
  • Tumblr (Category: Social Media)
  • Minecraft (Category: Gaming)

We will continue to add apps to this list with subsequent releases.

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