Why is my device not in the device list?


The Hub allows you to manage any number of devices connected to your home router. All these devices are displayed to you under the ‘Manage Devices’ tab. Sometimes, some devices may not make the list for one of the following reasons.

  1. The devices are displayed by their device name where available. (For example, Will’s iPhone, Mia’s Macbook). However, it is not possible to procure the device names for all types of devices in which case such devices are identified by their manufacturer information. (For example, Apple Device, Intel Device). Check if your device is listed in the device list in this format. Your device/hostname is listed in your device’s General settings.
  2. If you have newly installed and activated the Hub it may take the SecurlyHome app up to 24 hours to procure your device name. You can either wait a day or simply toggle/restart the Wifi on the device you don’t see on the list. This will speed up the process and you would see your device in the device list.
  3. Your device is probably offline or inactive. Check the device’s internet connection and refresh your device list. This should display your device in the device list.
  4. If you use extenders along with your home Wifi router, it may sometimes cause the device to be hidden from the device list.  

If the problem persists, contact homesupport@securly.com 


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