Why does my kid’s device appear in the unfiltered list?


The ‘Manage Devices’ menu in your SecurlyHome app displays all devices - filtered and unfiltered. However, at times certain devices may not appear in the device list or appear unfiltered even when you remember adding it to the filtered list.

This could be because you are on the SecurlyHome 2.0.0 (and above) version and the device is connected to HubBySecurly Wifi hotspot. After the upgrade to SecurlyHome 2.0.0 (and above), you are no longer required to connect to the HubBySecurly Wifi hotspot and can instead continue to filter devices by directly connecting the devices to your home router. You continue to get the same level of protection but with the benefit of a simplified process for including new devices to the filtered list.

Check if the device is connected to the HubBySecurly Wifi hotspot and then connect it to your home router. Give it a couple of minutes or toggle your Wifi to speed up things. You should now see your device in the filtered devices list.

If the problem persists, contact help@plugnplayhub.com

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