What do the status lights on the Hub indicate?


To troubleshoot connectivity issues on your Hub, start by checking the status of the three lights on the Hub.

The Power indicator should always appear green. If the power light is not illuminated, please check your power source and ensure the Micro-USB cable is correctly connected to the Power Port and Adapter.



Check the status of the Cloud (DNS) and WAN connectivity lights. Under normal circumstances, the Cloud (DNS) light will be illuminated green, and the WAN light turned off. In case of connectivity issues, check for the following.

Light Status What it means
Cloud Blinking Green The Hub is actively trying to connect to Securly's server.
Cloud Solid Green The Hub has successfully connected to Securly's server.
WAN Blinking Red The Hub can't connect to Securly's server.
WAN Solid Red The Hub may have hardware issue. Please contact our Support team.

Solutions for blinking red light:

  • Ensure the ethernet cable is securely connected to the “WAN” port on your Hub and the “LAN” port on your main router.
  • Confirm your internet connection is active. If your internet connection is stable, please wait 10 minutes and check again. If the light is still blinking red, contact our support team.
  • Some internet service providers disable the “LAN” ports on their routers. Please contact your ISP if your “LAN” port is disabled.
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