How do I view my kid’s activity in the SecurlyHome app?


The SecurlyHome app lets you track your kid’s online activity for their school devices.* Depending upon the level of access provided by your school you would be able to see either all their activity or only their home activity on school devices. (If you would like to change the activity you can view, please contact your school admin.)

To view your kid’s activity:

  1. Go to the SecurlyHome App and navigate to the Activity tab.
  2. Your kids’ devices will be displayed. Select the device for which you want to view the activity.
  3. You can also view All Activity at once.

The activity tab displays all allowed and blocked activity so that you can know exactly which educational or non-educational sites your child visited, or if he attempts to visit malicious and age-inappropriate websites.

You can also view Flagged Activity by navigating to the Flagged Activity tab.

The same activity can also be viewed from the parent portal.

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